Digital Marketing and Campaign

We will help promote your brands, products and services using all forms of digital media to reach customers in timely, relevant, personal and cost-effective manner.

Connect your brands with consumers by building communities, reaching influencers and developing user-centric content. With effective social media interactions, you will be able to interactively engage with customers while gaining their trust and loyalty. Having this type of relationship will give you a positive edge over competition.


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    Digital Marketing and Strategy Research

    We identify your customers, target market, Return of Investment (ROI), campaign goal, direct / un-direct competitors and campaign strategy. We identify the opportunities and challenges in a business where online assets can provide a solution. We develop a vision around and prioritize a set of online initiatives.
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    Social Media Communication Strategy

    We analyze the research results and design the strategy to make a valuable communication with the customers. Through social media such as Facebook™ and Twitter™, we will help customer engagement to gain their trust and loyalty that match with the campaign goal and ROI.
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    Campaign Analytics

    We monitor the activities on social media, with both internal and external methods. We are well verse in a numerous of campaign analytics tools such as Social Mention, Tweet Deck, Hootsuite, Twilert, Sprout Social, Social Oomph, Sysomos, Brand Monitor, Google Analytics, and Google Alerts. We track what your customers are interested in and adjust what isn't working.
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    Plan and Strategic Management

    We control, execute, evaluate, and report the performance of the overall campaign to determine how it has been implemented, and whether it has succeeded or needs replacement by a new strategy. Because a good plan and strategic management will generate a successful campaign.


  • Discussion - Brainstoring

    1. Discussion

    “We will need to be you”, emerge with your company's vision, your products and building a good relationship. Help you enhance your brand, strategy, and set the goals.
  • concept-designing

    2. Identification and Designing

    We identify all of your data and create a market research based on your product, positioning, segmentation and competitors, upon which we will analyze and design a concept.
  • product development

    3. Execution

    We develop an interesting campaign tools and apply that to social media. Activate an interactive communication to customers and drive them to expand the awareness and loyalty.
  • launching-monitoring-maintenance

    4. Analitics, Monitoring and Opimizations

    We monitor the progress to make sure the concept provide a good impact. We also analyze the result, tweak and optimize and build a campaign report.

Over the years in business has led us to relationships with prominent brands.