Cutting Edge Website and Mobile Site Development

We combine-balance to design and develop uniquely customized state-of-the-art websites assembled by cutting edge web base technology using the right process and tools.

Digital Marketing and Campaign

We gather requirements, analyze, design, execute, evaluate, improve and report. Using the power of social media and ads to drive targeted audience to get awareness and share the experience.

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SEO Solutions and Site Maintenance

We put your website to the first result page of major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing, making it easy for your potential target customers to find information about your business.

Mobile Apps Solutions

Spread your contents, information, tools and business opportunities through the mobile devices.

Lingkar Digital. We Create Digital Solutions.

  • Web and Mobile Site Development

    Web and Mobile Site

  • Digital Marketing and Campaign

    Digital Campaign

  • SEO Solutions and Site Maintenance

    SEO and Maintenance

  • Mobile Apps Solutions

    Mobile Applications

Lingkar Digital or known as Lingkar 9 is a team of specialized professional fully passionate in developing website and mobile applications by harnessing the power of cutting edge trends and technology.

Digital marketing and campaign strategy are also our primary, from concept to executions, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) improvement, together with effective landing page, lead management tracking systems and online reputations management, which in turn will contribute to cost effective products and the best result.

Introducing Our Web Content Updater Systems: BOLING Content Management Services (CMS)

By listening to our clients' feedback; in operating the common CMS, We come up with our own CMS systems, the BOLING CMS. A smart solutions which require no HTML or CSS skill to run it.

Modern-clean User Interface

Features Overview

Some customized/tailor-made CMS are not designed around the User Centered Design (UCD) concept. A concept which put people-first and how real-world experience are applied in the process. Our BOLING is a wholly revamp of the best of the best CMS functionality taking into account the practical of UCD.

  • Designed by simplicity, vibrant and eye-catching.
  • Intuitive User eXperience (UX).
  • Fast loading, created for minimum internet bandwidth.
Splendid Images Processing

Features Overview

User can easily upload images or pictures, even from large images size (e.g. SLR camera, etc.). On-the-fly images preview and cancelation features.

  • Image upload and crop with or without aspect ratio.
  • Image processing for web-friendly file size and quality.
  • Support for many image format such as: jpg, bmp, gif and png (solid or transparent).
Smart Order List Charger

Features Overview

So you input some content, but the list wasn’t ordered as you’ve expected to be. With BOLING, you simply drag and drop to change the order. And your problem is solved. Easy.

  • Easy drag and drop list order.
  • Quick saving your changes.
Bright Text Filter - Proccess

Features Overview

In most CMS, you will do many steps to input content from Microsoft® Word. Paste into Notepad, copy from Notepad then paste into your CMS text editor. Using BOLING, you can directly paste from Microsoft® Word. BOLING will take care the rest. Easy.

  • Customized text editor.
  • Clear and simple form with Tooltips.
Agile User Management

Features Overview

Managing user' access have never been so easy with BOLING.

  • Users Level Management.
  • User Role Management.

Our Works

All products are designed and built with our passions and delivered by our top notch expertise.