Mobile Apps Solutions

In heavily connected world such this, mobile devices are a common sight. As we are engulfing the massive market of mobile devices, we provide multi-mobile-platforms apps.

Custom made full-mobile applications for iOS, Android and Windows Phone are some of our solutions, be it catalog apps, games, social-media connected apps and many more.


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    UX/UI Design Considerations

    In depth understanding on how each mobile platforms design principle is a key to unique experiences we can bring to each mobile platform. From the rich chrome of iOS and Android to the simple captivating design of Windows Phone.
  • mobile programming

    Mobile Programmings

    Depending on the target platform, we will create mobile apps and its Application Programming Interface (API) using the right development process and tools. With each development tools complement each other, the time to market of a product can plan accordingly. We are good in Java, Xcode & .NET.
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    Everything is Connected

    Developing mobile apps, will require a vast amount of understanding how the networks works and how the mobile apps will be used. A full rich client, thin client or Rich Internet Applications (RIA) are many considerations in building mobile apps that always and stays connected to the internet services.
  • mobile store

    Mobile stores & Deployment

    Apps small foot print, fast time to market and determining fee structures are some of main considerations that we can help you with, for your product to be published in the mobile stores e.g. Google Play, Windows Marketplace (Store) and Apple Store.


  • Discussion - Brainstoring

    1. Mobile Apps Plan

    We will help you formulate a plan for your mobile apps, selecting the target ecosystem and provide early analysis on which platform serve the best vehicle for your products.
  • concept-designing

    2. Design

    Based on the plan, we will create design with impacts. Fully utilizing the best functions and UI / UX trend on mobile platform and provide milestones of the overall projects.
  • product development

    3. Implementation

    Develop mobile apps on the agreed upon design, deliver the local mobile apps thru the virtual machine, and work on any adjustments required before sending it off to mobile store.
  • launching-monitoring-maintenance

    4. Apps in store maintenance & tracking

    Launch and publish the mobile apps to stores, listening and adjusting from the feedback. Monitor, maintain and track the mobile apps usage.

Over the years in business has led us to relationships with prominent brands.